Commissions Rules

PayPal or Credit

Only PayPal or credit

The payment process will be handled by PayPal.



No fetish, nudity, erotic content or pornography in general.

Examplain more

Explain more

Explain how you want your commission without skipping any points (but don't overdo it either).

Be respectful

Be respectful

Drawing takes time, and more considering that there are several orders to finish.


Try to respond quickly

All commissions have a time limit to be delivered. If you're slow to respond, the time limit will be extended.



Commissions will only be made of your original characters and RobotoSkunk characters, you cannot request a drawing with a character from a third party without permission.

The owner of the order and RobotoSkunk will share the same rights of the work.

RobotoSkunk will use the resulting work to promote his commissions, while the owner of the order will be able to do whatever they want as long as the signature hasn't been violated.

In case of violation of the signature or attempt to take ownership of the commission, RobotoSkunk will deny access to the user's account to the commissions form and own all rights of the work.

For more information, please read the Terms of Service.