Privacy policies

When you use RobotoSkunk services, you're trusting him your information.

Last update: 2021-10-02 UTC

This privacy policy is intended to know how RobotoSkunk uses your information and how this information is protected


As is already known, your login credentials are stored in the database in order to access your account. RobotoSkunk only has access to your email to communicate with you for any problems with your account or changes in the services, however, only you have access to your password.

When creating your password, the password is pseudo-randomly hashed using unique keys to prevent anyone from accessing it, this includes RobotoSkunk. A forgotten password is more secure than one you can remember.

Note: hashed means that there is no way to "decrypt" your password. Hash is different from encryption, because the encrypted data is possible to decrypt, while the hashed data is not because these are one-way algorithms.

RobotoSkunk is committed to using the most secure and up-to-date hashing algorithms, as mentioned in the terms of service.


RobotoSkunk saves the name of the operating system and the browser that you used when you logged into the website. In addition, a token is saved in your browser's cookies to remember your login, whose token also uses the safest and most up-to-date algorithms to work.


ROBOTOSKUNK NEVER SAVES YOUR IP, not even logins use IPs. This is due to the strict privacy that RobotoSkunk seeks to maintain for users. The login token is enough to remember the device where you have previously logged in, for this reason the name of the operating system and the browser that you used when logging in is saved so that you can check from your account settings where and when have you logged in.

If you don't want the website to store the operating system and browser where you are logged in, configure your firewall to deny this access. This is at your own risk, RobotoSkunk does not oblige any user to provide this data.


As previously mentioned, this website generates a cookie when you log in. This cookie is called "auth_token" and it serves to remember your login; the cookie only accepts transfers through HTTPS and only the website has access to the cookie, this following Mozilla's security recommendations. If you are afraid of storing this piece of text on your computer because of the Reddit and Facebook stories you have read, set your browser to deny the use of cookies on this website.

Some third-party services such as PayPal, Facebook and Google ReCaptcha can generate cookies to work, in the same way you can configure your browser to deny access to these cookies.